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When a client asks how I can help them with a tender, my brain instantly flips through the hundreds of things you need to do (and do well) to write a winning bid. Ultimately, each situation is unique, but there are three key things for tender writing success you need to remember. Clearly state the benefits and outcomes the buyer will get from working with you (don’t assume it’s obvious). In a formal RFT or RFP response, you need to respond to every question, properly and thorougy within the scope of what’s been asked.

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Our focus is on the delivery of material that meets your individual needs and is desned to achieve the hhest level of success.

Bid Writing Bid Reviewing Bid Training Bid Consultancy

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The talent of the Bid Writer is critical to the success of any submission.

BidWriter Specialist <em>tender</em> writer based in Melbourne, working.
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While not everyone is a writer, the effective use of words can be vital to the success of you and your business.BidWriter Specialist tender writer based in Melbourne, working.

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